2. CONDUCT A THOROUGH COMPARITIVE MARKET ANALYSIS: Listing your home for the correct asking price is one of the most important things to a successful selling experience. By pricing your home correctly you will be able to reach up to 100% of the potential buyers searching your home’s criteria.
  3. MAKE YOUR HOME SHOW AT IT’S BEST: Stage and clean out the home. Move as much as you can into storage. Clean the inside and outside of your home thoroughly. The yard should be manicured and swept. Pay special attention to the bathrooms and kitchen as this is what the buyers will be checking.
  4. MAKE NECESSAY REPAIRS: You can go as far as getting a home inspection by a Professional Home Inspector to find out what repairs you should make.
  5. TAKE REALLY GOOD PICTURES: A Professional Photographer is highly recommended as photos are the first impression of your home. The photos should be sharp and clean and accentuate the most appealing parts of your home.
  6. DEVELOP A LIST OF FEATURES THAT MAKE YOUR HOME UNIQUE: You want to think about what will attract the most amount of buyers. Try to think back about the reasons you originally bought your home.  Was it the upgrades inside the home, maybe schools in the area or close to shopping.  You may want to name your home to make it stand out and look special. Example; “The Tuscan Villa”, “The Vintage Gem”, etc.
  7. MAKE UP A FLYER: Use the pictures and features of your home to make up a flyer to give to potential buyers at your open houses and showings.
  8. INPUT YOUR LISTING: This is as simple as downloading the features and photos of your home and sending them to Flat Fee Brokers.
  9. SET A SCHEDULE AND STICK TO IT: Hold an open house at least two hours a week. If you are holding an open house on the weekend submit the schedule no later than Monday at 9 AM. For a weekday open house submit the schedule no later than five days prior to the scheduled date. The earlier your home makes it into the real estate cloud the better.
  10. DEVELOP A RELATIONSHIP WITH ESCROW, TITLE, HOME WARRANTY AND INDEPENDENT DISCLOSURE COMPANIES: Call your local escrow company and find out what is customary in your area for the home seller to pay. Interview escrow, title, home warranty and independent disclosure companies to find out who you would like to use and which companies give you the most bang for your buck.
  11. NEGOTIATE AND ACCEPT A CONTRACT: Keep an open mind when negotiating your contract as helping the buyer with closing costs, cooperating with the sale of the buyer’s home, and giving into the closing date may be those conditions that the buyer must have for a successful purchase.
  12. SEND FLAT FEE BROKERS AN EMAIL: Please inform us that your home has gone into contract. Upon receipt the status of your listing will be changed to “Pending” or “Contingent”.
  13. KEEP THE PAPERWORK IN LINE: Read your contract and pay close attention to the days in which the inspections, appraisal, disclosures, loan approval and final walk through shall be completed. The buyer should be lifting their contingencies as the contract requires.
  14. CONDUCT THE FINAL WALK THROUGH INSPECTION: The home should be in the same condition as when you went into contract. The buyer will have the opportunity to walk through and make sure that this is the case.
  16. TERMINATE UTILITIES, CLOSE ESCROW AND MOVE OUT: Please inform us that your escrow has closed so we can change your status to “Sold”.

FLat Fee Real Estate FAQ's

MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

What is the MLS? (Multiple Listing Service)

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) uses the MLS to list properties for sale or rent. This database enables Real Estate Agents to market and sell or rent property. Buyers and sellers with their agents use the MLS system through which the vast majority of homes are sold.

Flat Fee MLS

Who is Flat Fee Brokers?

Flat Fee Brokers, in affiliation with Spectra Brokers, is an interactive, web based, FOR SALE / FOR RENT BY OWNER Real Estate Marketing Service where you can list your home on the MLS and other Real Estate search engines for a one time flat fee.

Can I make changes to my Listing?

Yes. You may email changes to your listing at any time including changing or upgrading your photographs. We will also input your open house schedule in accordance with #9 above.

Can I terminate my listing at any time?

Yes. Flat Fee Brokers, in affiliation with Spectra Brokers will terminate your listing at any time upon your request.

Brokers, Real Estate Agents & Buyers

How do Agents/Buyers contact me?

All communication from buyers and buyers agents will be directed and / or forwarded to the seller. The seller’s contact information is placed within the listing into the showing instructions.

Why is a Realtor required to sell my property?

A realtor is not required to sell your real estate. However, a realtor is required to input your home into the MLS.

If I find a buyer will I have to pay a buyer's agent commission?

No, however some buyers may want to be represented by an agent which they may already have a relationship with. Under most circumstances it is customary for the seller to pay the buyers agents commission.

Cost Comparison

How much will I save with Flat Fee Brokers?

Let’s calculate an estimate of savings with Flat Fee Brokers. The following example assumes you are listing your property with a real estate agency. Some examples would be Re/MAX, Keller-Williams, Coldwell Banker, etc….

By listing your home for $400,000 with a 3% listing commission, you would pay your traditional agent $12,000.00 at the close of escrow. You would also pay the buyers agent 3%, which is another $12,000.00. This brings the total cost to $24,000.

If you use Flat Fee Brokers MLS Listing Service, you would only have to pay the buyers agent. However, if you procured the buyer, then you wouldn’t have to pay any commission at all! If you do have to pay the buyers agent commission, and you chose our Complete Representation Plan, you would still save on the average of $10,000.